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Where would you like to go?

Take a look at the possibilities and costs below.

Eurojets: Because you expect more than just a pleasant flight.

Eurojets sets itself apart with our focus on safety, exceptional service, and uncompromising luxury. Be it for leisure or business, in today’s world there is more reason than ever to book a private jet for your journey!

How can we help you? We are happy to help you, we are available 24/7!
+44 20 4586 1008

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Fly today

Whether you would like to book immediately, or would just like to enquire, there will always be someone to take your call or message. One of the core principles at Eurojets is that if you can imagine it, we can do it. Do you imagine yourself – on short notice – flying through the air, on-route to your destination with a drink of your choosing? That generally means we can do it. You will notice our can-do mentality in every aspect of the Eurojets experience. It is one of our core principles and will be the main reason you will remember our name and partner with us again.

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A Worldwide Network

Eurojets has a large fleet around the world and can therefore charter a flight to any destination from any location. Wherever you need to go, Eurojets will take you there.

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VIP service

As mentioned previously, our can-do mentality drives us to make possible even the most luxurious experiences, but also the most personal and tailored experiences. Please describe your wishes to our support staff, who will also fill you in on a variety of VIP options available.

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Safety is our top priority, especially now with COVID-19.

The interiors of our aircraft are meticulously cleaned after every flight with anti-microbial soap which forms a layer on every surface on the plane to protect it from bacteria, germs and especially viruses like COVID-19. We not only adhere to industry standards but strive to surpass them so that we can confidently say that we have done everything in our power to keep our passengers and crew members safe.

Questions or wishes? Please contact us.
We are available 24/7.

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Eurojets: at your service!

The journey starts with transportation to the airport.
We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities.

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We take care of everything from A to Z!

Right beside luxury and safety stands our devotion to service. Service, to us, means listening to your wishes, anticipating on them, and finally exceeding expectations. Due to our extensive experience and expertise in international transport, there is not a thing that we have not thought about or haven’t encountered that would require our attention so that it won’t take up yours.

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